One small step for Tapio, one giant leap for soundtrack

Kaamos Sound’s Foley stage is equipped with a large screen which helps with performance as well as providing the proper feeling and acoustics for creating Foley sounds. Our Foley stage is made up of various tiles, wood and concrete surfaces and also includes a 12 square meter dirt pit filled with natural soil and earth.

Kaamos Sound has a massive collection of props - shoes, rusty metal parts, car doors, guns, clothes, chains, bells, springs, tools, toys, glasses, bottles and more. You name it, we likely have it. Never content with this selection,Tapio regularly searches for more interesting props to add to his collection.

Although we possess professional and diverse facilities, Kaamos Sound’s abilities and workplaces are not limited to our Foley stage only. Tapio is also comfortable and adept at working in any environment needed to acquire the exact sounds required for his customers. Tapio can capture natural sounds in a variety of settings like different sized rooms, basements, halls and, of course, outdoors, whenever needed. Possessing these fine-tuned skills and abilities ensures that Kaamos Sound’s work will provide more depth and variey of sound so that it will precisely and perfectly fit into every one of his customers’ soundtracks.