About Kaamos Sound

Kaamos Sound owner, Tapio Liukkonen, is an experienced Foley artist with a strong background of producing premier sound effects recordings. Tapio loves working within this medium because Foley sounds are something which require exceptional attention to detail, as well as a creative and whimsical mind. To be a great Foley artist, one needs plenty of imagination, ingenuity and understanding of various storytelling points of view. When properly done, Foley brings characters and stories to life; amplifying the storytelling delivery and providing an ever deeper audience experience.

Tapio continues to hone his craft and skills in the field of Foley, using a unique approach for every client and keeping in mind that every project should also be used as a means to develop and grow his skills to be one of the best. Tapio proudly aims to offer the most creative sounds in the business today while providing the absolute best in friendly, customer service. By creating a strong connection and dialog with his clients, Tapio ensures that all projects and works reach their full potential and exceed all expectations.