When you watch a film or play a video game, most of the sounds you hear have been created after the fact, during post production. Foley, named for sound innovator Jack Donovan Foley, is a term that describes the live process of recording sounds with the assistance of pictures. These sounds can be subtle, like that of cloth rusting, the soft and sensitive rubbing of hands; or more prominent like footsteps, creaking floorboards or horrifying gore sounds. Foley allows for the creation of an endless variety of natural sounds to help provide a hyper-sensitive and immersive experience, adding exquisite depth to a soundtrack and breathing life into the final product.

Founded in 2007, Kaamos Sound is a Foley studio located in eastern Finland; owned and operated by Tapio Liukkonen. Kaamos Sound’s state-of-the-art facilities include an entire building dedicated to the production of the highest quality Foley sounds, with a large Foley stage being located in the heart of the structure. The deepness and layered production of Foley sounds brings your gaming and viewing experiences to life in ways you’ve never experienced or thought possible.