Kaamos Sound is an award winning audio post-production studio which focuses on foley, sound effects and sound design for games and film.

The company was founded in 2007 and successfully continues to be owned and operated by Tapio Liukkonen. The secret to the continued success of Kaamos Sound design is in their proven method of creating and capturing audio whether indoors on the foley stage or outdoors at virtually any location via mobile units. By carefully mixing location and indoor recordings, they offer a service beyond many other studios.

Kaamos Sound uses multi-microphone techniques indoors on the foley stage to capture ingenious perspectives for sound design. The studio records in any season in real environments such as swamps, cities, forests, halls, rain storms, underwater, snow covered landscapes, highways, vehicles and so much more. Kaamos Sound also excels in the creation of military sound effects such as weaponry, battlefields and explosions.

Kaamos Sound has provided sound design, foley and sound effects on games such as Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Magicka and Overgrowth, as well as creating foley and sound effects on many feature and short films including Dark Vessel and Will.

With a growing list of film and gaming credits worldwide, Kaamos Sound continues to pursue their aim of working as craftsmen in the field of sound design, using a unique approach for every projects. The studio's ideal location makes it possible to keep costs down and rates at a reasonable level. Utilizing some of the most sophisticated recording equipment available, Kaamos Sound proudly aims to offer the most creative sounds in the business today with customer friendly service.

Sincerely Yours,
Tapio Liukkonen